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Philosopher Monastery

This is known as "Lady of the Canyon" by Lucius, rich in history and natural beauty.
Philosopher The monastery is located in "Monopori" by Lucia, 11 km south of Dimitsana. It consists of two campuses, the old and the new monastery, on the right side of the pike and the two, spaced 600m.
The "Secret School" - the old monastery, built inside a cave about 130 meters long. and width 0.50 to 8m. on a steep cliff at an altitude of 500m. The foundation is estimated around 936 to 967 from John Lampardopoulo, a native of Dimitsana, Chief Secretary of the Emperor Nikiforos Fokas.
Outside the monastery was surrounded by a high wall.
Inside the church there, cells, utility rooms, and ossuary where the bones of monks. The church of the monastery is built on the north side and has been designated architectural masterpiece.  Philosopher The monastery was an important national and educational center operated here since "Secret School."  In 1765 founded the Monastery of Philosophy, School Dimitsana, later moved to Dimitsana . Known is the library with important manuscripts of the 12th century, who maintained the monastery and is now kept at the National Library.  in 1691 founded the Temple of the new monastery and in 1700 built the two buildings next to it. It is assumed that initially functioned like a dependency of the "secret school". Remains unknown when the Abbey moved Philosopher.  New Monastery consists of three buildings: the Bank, the guesthouse, the monks' cells and ancillary areas.  celebrated on August 23 Performance of the Assumption and celebrates the holidays and in Agia Anna December 9 and St. Nicholas on May 20.

With the main destination of the Monastery Philosopher, you can wander to other shrines located nearby such as the Monastery of St. John the Baptist , the Convent of Notre Aimialon (3 km east of Dimitsana), the Monastery of Kalami (4 km east of Atsicholou ), the Church of St. Andrew (right on the banks of Lucius) and around 25 hermitages and crypts.


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great shot! :)

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Fantastic photo and interesting post for SWF!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

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Great photo and great narrative. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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Beautiful stonework,very interesting!

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Beautiful shots - love the stonework.

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Wow, beautiful stonework and architecture (not to mention great photography!).

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