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Sky of "Lala"

Settlements of Karystos
Roots at settlements of Karystos

A beautiful picturesque village with orchards and narrow alleys – it is the first village we come across as we travel eastwards from Karystos. The lush scenery is succeeded by the lacelike coastline of Bouros. As we reach Metochi, a village that gazes across the waters of South Evoikos Gulf

North of Karystos we find the village of Myloi, the capital of the area up until 1848, with its half – collapsed watermills, running water and the headspring of Argastaras in the heart of the village – a source of inspiration for many poems and songs. Using this as a starting point, you can tour the chapels perched on the surrounding hills or follow the path that starts from Makronas and takes you to the sites of Tsoukali ( a huge “tub” carved out of the stone) or Kolones ( the Columns) or even the mountain refuge of Ochi. You can also visit Castello Rosso, the Monasteries of Timotheos and Mavra and the Montofoli Estate – a model vineyard that cultivates grape verities from the Agean and produces the renowned organic sun – dried wine “Mondofoli estate”

The village, situated west of the castle, together with the villages of Mekounida and Rouklia constituted the water source of the castle through the aqueduct which is still preserved on the north slope of the fortification. The road will take you to Mekounida, offering you the most enchanting view of the gulf, and from there to Rouklia, high up on Mt.Ochi. Rouklia is a good stop – over on the way to the entrance of the Dimossari Gorge. The aqueduct and the church of Aghia Sophia with its water sources are notto be missed.

It is composed of the settlements of Nikasi and Lala. One should visit the Byzantine church of Taxiarches and the nearby natural spot of Aghia Triada, near Nikasi, with the caves and the churches of Aghia Triada and Aaghios Georgios – Aghia Mavra

It is the first and largest of the Cavo D’Oro villages that we come across as we leave Karystos and is composed of many settlements. It is worth visiting the traditional stone bridge, the water sources and the traditional mill in Epanochori as well as the stone bridge of Artan architecture and style in Mastroyanneika. East of Platanistos, in the location of Elliniko, we find the remains of ancient walls. The chapel of Aghios Konstantinos on the site was built with materials coming from remains of ancient structures in the area. Cross the valley of Platanistos all the way to Potami beach. Swimming at this endless beach offers a unique experience

Cross the valley of Platanistos all the way to Potami beach. Swimming at this endless beach offers a unique experience


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