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~ Tanneries of Karlovassi ~

Historic Tanneries of Karlovassi

The largest two-story tanneries were constructed at the start of the 20 th century in the Riva area of Karlovasi. A true architectural revelation. The entire manufacturing process of leather was performed within these walls.

The initial processing required a large supply of water and thus the work was conducted on the lower level of the tannery. The upper level was reserved for the latter stages of processing and packaging.

Other large industries included olive mills, oil products, liquor & wine distilleries, tobacco products & cigarettes. Shipbuilding dates back to antiquity...until 1946 boats were hand crafted. There are still some shipbuilders using original techniques in Samos. The shipyards in the Karlovassi harbour are still active and worth visiting.


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Very beautiful photo for SWF!

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Nice shot, I love this perspective. Interesting history also.

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Beautiful capture! I love the colors and lines in the photo. Very nice.

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OH! NICE! I very much like seeing the blue sky through the windows of the ruins!

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